Burnett Landing

Buckley, WA

WN15 Information

Name & Designation: Burnett Landing (WN15)
Field Elevation: 792'
Distance from City: 3.4 miles SW of Buckley, WA
Runways: Turf 13/31 = 2500' x 110'
Lat/Long: 47.1296806 / -122.0559722
Obstructions: none
Lights: Non-standard runway edge lights
CTAF: 122.9
Indicator: 2 Wind Socks, mid-field and south end
Pattern: Altitude = 1000' AGL, All patterns left traffic
Instrument Procedure: None
Noise Abatement: Avoid full power climb outs on runway heading for runway 13. Make left turn by end of runway to avoid noise directly above homes to the south of the airport.
Restrictions: NO Touch & Gos
Hang gliding and towing Burnett Landing is an active hang-gliding airport. Please exercise caution when in or around the airport.