Burnett Landing

Buckley, WA

WN15 Operations


Burnett Landing (WN15) is a private airstrip. However, if you know someone on the airport and want to drop in and say hello, we welcome it.

Preferred Runway

  • Takeoff north (31), downhill.
  • Land south (13), uphill.
  • Left traffic

Noise Abatement

Avoid full power climb outs on runway heading for runway 13. Make left turn by end of runway to avoid noise directly above homes to the south of the airport.

Runway Conditions

In winter, the north half of the runway can become wet and soggy. Please avoid if possible.

Please avoid any areas of the runway that are under repair.

Safety Tips

You should be stopped before you reach the road at the south end of the runway. Be aware of cars crossing runway on road.

Elk, deer and people can often be found enjoying the runway. Please keep a watchful eye out.